Your safety is paramount to us, as is the safety of our vehicles.

We have tried to think of every eventuality to keep you and our vehicle safe.

All vehicles are fully insured with unlimited mileage and passenger liability cover. You can purchase Additional Collision Damage and Theft Loss Waiver (ACDLW).

Whilst on safari, there are a number of daily checks we ask you to carry out to ensure your safety and maintain good working order of the vehicle, so preventing unnecessary breakdowns. These we will go through with you prior to you taking the vehicle out.

Your safety and the safety of our vehicles is paramount. At Shaw Safaris we pride ourselves on making sure you have a full briefing and familiarization period with the vehicle and its equipment. This is tailored to your needs and experience, but may include a drive in Arusha National Park with someone on hand to assist you.

We want you to feel completely happy and confident before you go on your safari, so making it more enjoyable, and worry free for you.

If you have limited experience driving a 4x4, a day course may be beneficial. We can advise you on the best course to take that meets your needs.

We also have many books and DVDs that may be beneficial, which we can send out to you. Our 24 hour back-up team is here to help you should a situation arise.

You will be given a comprehensive list of telephone numbers.

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